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Bermuda Grass & Crabgrass

Bermuda Grass


This weed is an aggressive species becoming more common in MD. It is very invasive and needs repeated applications with special herbicides to limit its spread.

Several varieties of related annual grasses pop-up in our lawns over the summer and stifle our perennial species.  Weed controls as well as dense turf are needed to manage them.

Wild Violets
Wild Violets & Bagworms
Grubs Under Sod

Wild Violets

Beetles and Grubs

A perennial broadleaf weed with a waxy leaf surface and vine-like root system that creeps throughout lawns.  Special herbicides are usually required to control this weed.

As adults, they feed on our flowering trees and shrubs, especially cherries, plums, and roses.  As grubs, they eat the roots of healthy turf.  Both stages can be treated to prevent damage.

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